Monday, March 9, 2009

Dumb Hippies.

So it's snowing again in Portland. And from what I hear, it's been a miserably cold winter back east. Driving to work this morning, I was reminded of a (drunken) argument I had several years ago with some of my boys back home. It was a particularly cold winter at the time and they were convinced, once and for all, that global warming was a “dumb conspiracy cooked up by angry hippies”; and that the near freezing temps and foot of snow outside were irrefutable proof. I scratched my head in awe, and encouraged them to do a little more research. But my plea fell on deaf ears. As one buddy proudly barked at the end of our conversation, “Take that hippie bullshit back to Portland.” Man, Galileo's got nothing on me.


Anonymous said...

If I had to guess, that sounds like..Cookie. Have to say-you’ve been gone so long you have forgotten the home-spun ways and midwestern sensibilities of us folk here in Deep Southwest Ohio. We love God, country, guns, and the family matriarch-Appalachian Mamaw. We are humble, simple people. And your big city ways and nebulous gender roles and your fancy words like ‘climate’ or ‘change’ frighten and confuse us. So try to have some empathy and understanding-like a good hippie.

Mutt said...

well said Lester. you always were the most articulate member of our billhilly tribe.

lauren said...

uuummmm Hellooo??!!
The antiquated term "global warming" was replaced with "climate change" like 2 years ago. Even George Bush knows now it's not simply about "warming" .... it's about the overall upheaval of the planet's climate systems. Weee... Love, your favorite hippie.