Monday, March 23, 2009

Sex, Beef & Soda.

After watching an inordinate amount of basketball this weekend, I had to shut it down on Saturday. Reason being, my psyche simply couldn’t take the incessant barrage of stupid commercials anymore. One thing I surmised rather quickly is that advertisers think of my kind (male sports fans) as having three motivations in life: sex, beef and soda. Literally every ad I saw this weekend, save the occasional insurance ad, was about one of these three core needs. What’s funny is I can remember a time when sports brands (Nike, Gatorade, Adidas) used to advertise during sports. Apparently, today’s fan doesn’t actually play sport. They’re simply too busy chasing tail, pounding soda and stuffing their heads with beef patties.


LD said...

Advertising in sports programming has always been about presenting the brands and products which inspire the core athletes. Today's core athletes, those engaged in such fierce competitions as Madden 09, Fantasy Baseball and Final Four pools are absolutely motivated by and even powered by Soda, Beef and Sex. The great thing about these modern advertisiers is that they are out there once again leading culture and setting the future of our great society.

Mutt said...

well, well, well...glad to finally hear from you LD. thanks for sharing your infinite wisdom, btw. good points all around. i know my two fantasy championships in three years never would have happened without lots of sex, beef and soda.