Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bernie Does Attica.

Breaking news…investor Bernie Madoff is expected to plead guilty later this week to 11 counts of fraud. According to my sources, that will likely carry a life sentence in a max security prison. Needless to say, the future does not look bright for Mr. Madoff. Which got me thinking, as advertisers isn’t it our duty to transform this horrific story into a culturally sticky digital opportunity? I’m just thinking out loud right now, but what if we produced a reality show (to be aired on Hulu) that documented Bernie’s hellish plight inside of Attica? Think of it as “Oz” meets “Weekend with Bernie”. The show would launch with a blistering account of Bernie being shanked to death by a tranny gang-banger, followed by a series of episodes in which inmates duped security guards into thinking Bernie was still alive. There would be lots of laughs and tears (and of course, blood). And Citibank could underwrite the whole thing.


JR said...

Your sources?

Mutt said...

yeah JR, i have sources. and not just for the news.